December 14th, 2016

Enjoy the Community Trails at Arden

Get back to nature and to your best self. Arden makes it easy with 19 miles of walking trails that weave in and out of lake vistas, shady nooks and resort-style amenities. Being active outside and in nature offers plenty of health benefits, from reflection to rejuvenation. There are countless ways to take advantage of the community trails at Arden. Here’s a short list to get you started:

  1. Enjoy long walks each day.

Walking is easy, pleasant and comes with a ton of great health benefits. Working a daily stroll into your routine seems like it should be simple, but it can be hard to just get out there and do it. Beautiful walking trails located right outside your home could be the boost you need to finally commit to a habit you know is good for you.

  1. Go biking.

Biking is one of those rare types of exercise that can actually be fun. Doing this exercise outside provides extra benefits and means you get to take in the beautiful views that Arden has to offer as you work out. On top of that, bike rides provide the speed and thrill that few types of exercise can manage.

  1. Train for a 5K.

Wellington hosts 5Ks throughout the year which benefit firefighters, cancer patients and people with cerebral palsy, just to name a few. If you like the idea of running for a good cause, then living at Arden is a great way to gain access to beautiful trails to train on. You can even run an entire 5K around the community’s lake, enjoying the view and fresh air the whole way.

  1. Have a picnic by the lake.

Speaking of that great view, the trails don’t only provide ways to be active. You can also follow them along to any number of beautiful spots where you can settle in and enjoy nature. Instead of spending a weekend day inside, your family can pack up a delicious lunch and pick a spot along the lake for a picnic. Would you like to see your kids play outside more often? Arden’s effortless access to nature makes it easy for kids to get outside and play.

  1. Capture the beauty.

Let nature be an inspiration for creativity. If you’ve ever had a knack for sketching, painting, or photography, Arden’s paths include plenty of new views that you can take advantage of to continue your craft. Since the community is located near a wildlife refuge, you may even spot some of the beautiful birds native to the area.

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