July 10th, 2019

Farm-to-Table Living at Arden

Dining at locally sourced restaurants and shopping at farmer’s markets is becoming more and more popular. It makes sense – food grown close to home is fresher, tastes better and has a smaller carbon footprint since it travels less to get to your kitchen. Arden is taking this farm-to-table concept and running with it – providing residents with a fresh new way of living.

Arden’s central feature is a five-acre working farm that produces a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs throughout the year. The community Farm is managed by our Farm Directors, but residents are welcome to volunteer to get their hands dirty and help out. Residents receive regular shares of what’s grown at the farm – and it’s even included in the HOA! Past shares have included tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and dill, but residents can expect a variety of produce in each share.

At Arden, residents have access to fresh, nutritious food that’s grown practically in their back yard. Kids can learn about where their food comes from and establish healthy eating habits from an early age. The Farm also helps grow a sense of community. Residents can meet up at the community Barn to participate in regular events like cooking demonstrations and plant potting parties, or shop at the on-site General Store which has surplus produce from the farm and other locally sourced products like honey and snacks.

Arden offers a more sustainable way of living. Composting bins allow residents to recycle food waste and lawn clippings, turning it into fertilizer that’s then used at the Farm. And by taking advantage of food grown so close to home, there’s fewer carbon emissions compared to shipping produce from hundreds of miles away.

Arden makes living the farm-to-table lifestyle that much easier. To learn more about everything Arden has to offer, join our Founders Club and receive news and updates.