May 8th, 2019

Environmentally Friendly Features at Arden

Arden isn’t a regular master-planned community – here, nature is king, and the community was designed with the environment in mind. From insulation and lighting, to landscaping and amenities, Arden is packed with green features that work to reduce our environmental impact.

Our builders know the importance of conserving resources, and they’ve included some innovative features that help you save energy and reduce your monthly bills without changing your lifestyle. Low E windows and sliding glass doors, plus better insulation keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter without high energy costs. Programmable or Wi-Fi enabled thermostats allow you to manage your home’s temperature while you’re away, reducing your energy usage even further. Weather-sensing irrigation systems and tankless water heaters save gallons of water without even trying. Even the landscaping was carefully chosen to be compatible with our natural environment, and includes native trees, grasses and shrubs that require little watering and maintenance.

The homes aren’t the only thing at Arden that are environmentally friendly. Arden is South Florida’s very first agrihood, and the five-acre working farm brings many benefits to the community. Residents get regular shares of the fresh vegetables, herbs and flowers grown at the farm, reducing the carbon footprint of food that was grown miles away and trucked in. The farm also utilizes composting bins, giving residents a better way to dispose of food scraps and lawn clippings. That rich compost is then used in the farm, completing the circle.

Arden’s lifestyle programming even focuses on stewardship of the land. Residents are encouraged to recycle properly, and Arden’s Farm Directors are available to answer residents’ questions about starting a garden and growing their own fresh produce. Arden’s Lifestyle Director even plans events that have the environment in mind, like plant potting parties or talks about how residents can live peacefully with native wildlife.

Arden is a healthy living community with eco-friendly features built right in. To learn more about everything Arden has to offer, join our Founders Club to receive news and updates.