August 26th, 2020

Cooking Up Family Fun in Arden’s Kitchens

With everyone spending more time at home these days, experimenting in the kitchen is a great way for the whole family to have some fun together. Kitchens at Arden include features like open layouts and spacious islands so you have plenty of room to get creative. Plus, with regular shares of fresh produce grown at the five-acre working farm right here in Arden, there are always delicious ingredients waiting for you. Here are some tips and tricks to let the kids help in the kitchen, no matter whether they’re young or young-at-heart.

You’d be surprised how much a toddler can do in the kitchen! At this age, it’s good to have a step stool – ideally with safety guards – to help them reach the counter and feel involved in the cooking process. Tasks like juicing lemons with a juicer, mixing ingredients in a bowl, “painting” oil or sauces using a pastry brush and mashing potatoes are all fun experiences for your little one. Plus, tasks like these help them develop their fine motor skills, and they’re more likely to want to eat the foods they helped make.

Activities for young children can vary depending on how old and mature your child is. At this point, it’s likely they can use items like a grater, vegetable peeler and even a small knife – but they’ll still need plenty of supervision and reminders to watch their fingers! Give them jobs like grating cheese, peeling carrots, forming evenly sized cookies, mincing vegetables or measuring out ingredients for a recipe. At this age, helping in the kitchen can develop their sense of independence and foster a love for cooking.

When your kids hit their teen years and beyond, they will likely be able to work independently and safely use the stove. Let them take charge and make dinner all on their own, with you just there to answer any questions along the way – or flip roles and you be the sous chef! Letting your teen explore the kitchen and branch out is a great way to prepare them for living on their own, but it’s also a great bonding experience as you learn and try new things together.

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