January 19th, 2021

5 Hidden Gems in Palm Beach County

In Palm Beach County, Florida, you’ll find plenty of sandy beaches, seafood restaurants and daily conveniences. But what about all of the funky shops, restaurants and entertainment options that you won’t find anywhere else? That’s what really makes an area unique, and Arden is conveniently located so you can take advantage of the best that Palm Beach County has to offer. Here are just a few of the local gems that you’ll find in the area, and Arden is just a short drive away from it all.

  1. Lion Country Safari
    Located right down the road from Arden, Lion Country Safari lets you have a wild adventure while staying close to home. You’ll see ostriches, Brazilian tapir, water buffalo, lions, giraffes and more. They even offer group animal encounters like giraffe painting and flamingo feeding!
  2. Kaluz
    Looking for something different for lunch or dinner? While Kaluz offers some more traditional fair, you’ll also find plenty of interesting dishes on the menu. Start off with some steak meatballs or fire roasted octopus, go for the shrimp and goat cheese flat bread or maple leaf duck confit, and end the meal with an espresso affogato or bread pudding with homemade custard.
  3. Diva Duck Amphibious Tour
    Explore Palm Beach in a whole new way with an amphibious tour! You’ll start off cruising through some of the most beautiful and historic neighborhoods in the area. Then – without changing transportation – you’ll drive right into the water of the Intercoastal Waterway and lagoon! You’ll have a relaxing and entertaining cruise to see some gorgeous homes and mega yachts.
  4. Aerial Trapeze Academy
    Remember the awe and excitement of watching trapeze artists fly through the air when you were a kid? Well, you can have that feeling again – and then some – by learning to fly through the air yourself! At the Aerial Trapeze Academy, you’ll learn the proper way to hold the bar and hook your knees, practice mid-air transfers, and learn new tricks as you go.
  5. Bulk Candy Store
    When you’re craving something sweet, nothing will be as satisfying as a trip to the Bulk Candy Store. Family owned and operated, this huge sweets shop has everything you can think of: candy bars, lollipops, chocolate pretzels, hard candies, taffy and so much more. You’ll absolutely want to check out all the gourmet popcorn, with flavors like peppermint, churro, toasted marshmallow and brownie. You can even take a tour that includes plenty of taste-testing!

Arden is a new home community located in Palm Beach County, Florida, near a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options, plus great schools and job hubs. To learn more about everything this neighborhood has to offer, join our Interest List.