May 27th, 2020

10 Tips to Keep Produce Fresh Longer

Going to the grocery store is a hassle, and no one likes having to make a trip just because the bananas and avocados didn’t make it through the week. At Arden, residents can avoid frequent trips to the store thanks to regular shares of produce from the 5-acre working farm that’s right within the community. Not only that, but residents can purchase additional produce, as well as locally sourced goods, at the General Store in the barn.

But whether you have access to locally grown produce like Arden residents, or purchase your produce from the store, keeping it fresh longer is key to eating healthy while minimizing trips to the store. Here are 10 ways you can keep your produce fresh, crisp and tasty for just a little longer.

  1. Potatoes, onions and garlic
    Store these foods in a cool, dark place, but not in the fridge. Your pantry or an unused drawer would be an ideal place.
  2. Fruits
    Keep unripe fruits on the counter. Once they’re ripe, move them to the fridge to keep them fresh.
  3. Salad greens and herbs
    Pat any leafy greens dry, or dry them in a salad spinner, before storing in a sealed bag or closed container like a Tupperware or mason jar. Adding a bit of air to a sealed bag can help prevent them from being damaged in crowded crisper drawers.
  4. Citrus
    Keep citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges in a mesh or perforated bag in the fridge. If you have plastic bags from the grocery store, you can use those as long as you snip some holes in them.
  5. Celery
    No one likes limp celery! Wrap it tightly in aluminum foil and store in the crisper drawer of your fridge for crunchy celery for weeks.
  6. Mushrooms
    Mushrooms don’t like plastic. Instead, store them in a paper bag in the fridge or another cool, dry place.
  7. Isolate gassy foods
    Certain produce like avocados, bananas and tomatoes, release gas as they ripen and can cause other produce nearby to go bad faster. Isolating these foods will help all of your produce last longer.
  8. Don’t prep produce
    Pre-cut onions and peppers sound nice, but once produce has been chopped or diced it won’t last more than a few days. Whole, unblemished fruits and vegetables will last much longer.
  9. Avoid washing
    Until right before you eat it, that is! Added moisture encourages mold growth, so in most cases it’s best to keep your produce dry until you’re ready to eat it.
  10. Freeze it
    If you can’t use it before it spoils, freeze it! Fresh produce is always better, but if you can’t use fruits or vegetables fast enough, consider freezing them so they don’t go to waste.

At Arden it’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle with access to produce grown just down the road from home. To learn more about this new home community in Palm Beach County, Florida, join our Interest List for the latest news and updates.