January 24th, 2022

Arden Resident Spotlight: Meet Maria

Meet Maria in the latest Arden resident spotlight!

As South Florida’s first and only agrihood, Arden is a unique community that combines the luxuries of a modern master-planned development with a tranquil farm-to-table lifestyle. Surrounded by sparkling blue lakes, miles of walking, running, and biking trails, and an adjacent nature preserve, Residents at Arden enjoy a new kind of living experience in the heart of Palm Beach County. We sat down with Arden resident, Maria Megathlin, to learn what makes the Arden community the perfect place for her family.

Q: Why did you move to Arden?

Maria: Before moving to Arden, we lived in Okeechobee, Florida. We were already looking to move into a bigger home when we found this neighborhood. We loved that Arden was so close to amazing schools in Wellington and that there are a lot of other kids for our children to play with.

I am a stay-at-home mom with two young children. We love that Arden is a neighborhood where you can grow a family away from the city. My husband and I wanted our kids to grow up surrounded by nature.

Q: How does your family enjoy Arden’s amenities?

Maria: We love the trails that go around the agrihood. They are perfect for when our kids want to ride their bikes and see the lakes. My husband and I use the gym frequently and we think that the playground is fantastic. We like interacting with other Arden residents.

Q: How does your family incorporate the farm share into your home?

Maria: I love the farm share. It’s convenient and my whole family likes having organic produce in the house. Occasionally, we’ll use the You Pick Garden if we ever need fresh herbs quickly for dinner. The Arden lifestyle has us covered! 

Q: Do you go to any of the community events at Arden?

Maria: We try to go to community events when we can. Our kids enjoyed the fall activities like the pumpkin patch and the Halloween event.

Q: If you had to summarize your life at Arden in a few sentences, what would you say?

Maria: I live in a paradise. When you live in Arden, you find yourself living healthier, exercising more, and eating fresher. It really is the perfect place to raise your family.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about life at Arden:

Is Arden gated?

Yes! Arden is a gated, master-planned community, offering new homes in Palm Beach County, Florida, within an agrihood.

What is an agrihood?

An agrihood is an agricultural neighborhood. It’s a neighborhood that’s been designed to integrate gardening and/or farming. Arden has a five-acre working farm and event barn. Arden residents have access to various herbs, vegetables, and fruits in the two You Pick Gardens.

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