November 5th, 2021

Arden Girl Scouts Earn Their Gardening Badge at the Farm

Recently, our expert farm managers Tripp and Carmen Eldridge welcomed an unusual delegation: a group of adventurous local Girl Scouts visited the Arden farm with the mission of earning their special gardening badge!

To accomplish their mission, the Scouts had to complete several strategic objectives during their visit:

  1. Visit a garden
  2. Explore gardening design, bug homes, learn more about honeybees, and see bugs in action
  3. Learn how to choose garden plants and experiment with seeds
  4. Finally, the girls had to start their own garden and plant vegetables or flowers

With the help of Tripp and Carmen, the Girl Scouts visited Arden’s farm and Children’s Learning Garden where they talked about what plants need to grow. The inquisitive troop spent their day catching insects, planting bean seeds and vegetables in the Children’s Garden, and watching honeybees pollinate cucumbers. The Scouts also learned about the vital role honeybees play in gardens and our entire ecosystem.

The group bustled with excitement as they learned new things about the environment from Tripp and Carmen. Besides earning their gardening badge that day, as Arden residents, the girls will also get a chance to see their gardening work pay off. In a few weeks’ time, they’ll be able to marvel at the beautiful flowers and taste the veggies they planted!

Check out this video to learn more about Arden’s new Children’s Learning Garden and take a closer look at where the Girl Scouts earned their newest badge: