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2019 Grand Aurora Award Winner

Welcome to the Agrihood

At the center of Arden is a five-acre farm and event barn, offering events, seasonal classes, and lively gatherings wrapped within the beauty and bounty of the land. The Agrihood is an amenity for all of Arden’s neighborhoods, where residents can volunteer to work with our full-time farmers as they plant and tend to the crops, and of course share in the harvest of farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Meet Our Farmers

The farm life has taken root at Arden with the help of our full time Farm Directors Tripp and Carmen Eldridge. This talented duo plan and execute every aspect of the community’s five-acre farm. Tripp began his career as a Peace Corps volunteer, and has since put his skills to use in a variety of settings ranging from botanical gardens to row crops and ranch land. Carmen also got her start building and maintaining community farms with the Peace Corps, and later went on to become the founder of a one-acre teaching farm at the University of North Florida.

Watch Us Grow

“The joy we get every single day from helping Arden bring the agrihood movement to South Florida is beyond rewarding. The concept of growing lean, nutritious food and then celebrating that food together as neighbors, is what drew us to this remarkable community. We love farm life and have made it our mission to help build an inclusive, fun-packed, welcoming environment here at the Arden Farm.” – Tripp Eldridge & Carmen Franz, Arden Farm Directors


A Day On The Farm at Arden