September 22nd, 2021

After-School Activities to Enjoy at Arden

It’s back-to-school in South Florida and for K-12 students, afternoons often mean homework and extracurriculars. But when the final bell rings, Arden is the perfect place to relax after a long day at school, for kids and parents alike. Here are a few ideas for after-school activities you can enjoy with your kids:

Get Cooking

Every child needs an after-school snack before they go about the rest of their day. With Arden’s central five-acre farm, you can incorporate your share of fresh fruits and vegetables into healthy snacks that will help your kids refuel after a long day of learning. Whether it’s homemade strawberry leather, crunchy kale chips, or just a simple veggie cup with their choice of dip, you can get your kids involved in creating after-school treats they will not only have fun making but enjoy eating as well.

Get Active 

One of Arden’s distinguishing features is that it offers residents plenty of opportunities to connect with nature and stay active in different ways. Take advantage of more than 20 miles of winding paths around the community. Go on a family bike ride or a stroll around the agrihood. Head over to one of our community’s tennis, pickleball, basketball, or soccer fields and try a new sport. There’s nothing better than getting your heart pumping after a long day.

Get Outside

Looking to get your family out of the house for a few hours before starting homework? The good news is that Arden offers plenty of options for outdoor recreation, including taking your family on a picnic among one of Arden’s many greenspaces or spend a couple of hours canoeing or kayaking on Lake Arden’s 176 acres of blue glistening waters. You can also check out the community’s butterfly garden where your kids can learn about the local species of butterflies and pollinator plants and the important role they play in our ecosystem.

Whether your kids are eager to explore their creative side or spend some extra energy with more physical activity, there are always plenty of opportunities for some after-school fun at Arden. We hope this quick guide will help you find the perfect way to end the afternoons this school year.

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